Understanding reefs part 2: Artificial reefs and reef restoration

Last month I wrote a post detailing what a reef is and why they should matter to you regardless of where you live. This month I am building off of that idea and talking about something that I get a lot of questions about. Artificial reefs and reef restoration.

What is a reef?

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Understanding Reefs part 1: Why reefs matter no matter where you live

You’ve probably heard that coral reefs are in worldwide decline. If you read this blog that probably matters to you intrinsically, which is great. But what if you were a welder from Kansas who has never seen a reef? Why would you care about them then? That is what I will attempt to explain in this post.

Let’s start with the basics. What is a reef?

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How researchers can be better science educators-advice from a science education professional

Over the winter break I interviewed Chris Anderson of Science Over Everything about how science researchers can be better science educators. Outside of his scicomm blog, Chris is a consultant with the Hamilton County Educational Service Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. He primarily works as an instructional coach to educators and curriculum managers to help them build science curriculum and effectively teach science in their schools. Previously, Chris was a science teacher at Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. He tells me that his overall job goal is to help science teachers be better science teachers! Continue reading

How to support positive action on climate change in Trump’s America

Ever wonder what our most popular post of all time is here at UNdertheC? It’s this piece which is essentially a doom and gloom piece I wrote about what would happen to the world if the oceans “died.” In other words, this is what will happen if we do not change our ways, culture, decisions, business, economy, and values to be more sustainable. Continue reading

Does temperature dictate which corals can survive on a reef?

If you’ve been reading UNdertheC for while, then you know that I study coral reefs (specifically those in the Caribbean). If this is your first time here, welcome! Tell your friends 🙂

As the 4th year of my PhD dawns here at UNC, the first chapter of my dissertation work has finally been published in a peer-reviewed journal! It focuses on how temperature regimes impact the structure of coral communities in Belize. I’ve written about some of the field and lab components of this research before so check out the following links for more info 1 2 3 4. Continue reading

The future of coral reefs: will super El Nino’s destroy “super” corals?

Coral reefs are some of the most diverse and important ecosystems on earth. If you didn’t know that already you probably wouldn’t be here. For background, see these links (1, 2, 3). Also, reefs are beautiful and really cool (see below). Continue reading

COP21- What actually happened at the Paris Climate Talks?

Want to read what we think about the accord? Scroll to the bottom of this post to see our responses!

In December 2015, representatives from almost 200 UN countries met in Paris for COP21 to discuss climate and the future of our planet. The group deliberated for almost 2 weeks before finally drafting an accord that was approved by everyone. Continue reading