Lesson Plans

Through SciREN, I have started to develop lesson plans aimed at teaching middle and high school science students about issues related to my research.

ALL LESSON PLANS ARE FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND USE. Please credit me if you distribute them.

MASC 101 Discovering Plate Boundaries

Discovering Plate Boundaries

Impacts of climate change on coastal ecosystems

For SciREN 2016 I wrote a lesson plan aimed at helping explain the impacts of climate change and sea level rise on coastal ecosystems using coral reefs and salt marshes as model ecosystems. You can access this lesson plan using the following google drive link: Climate change and coastal ecosystems 


Ocean Acidification

Former Castillo Lab tech, Travis Courtney, wrote a lesson plan that teaches the basics of ocean acidification in a simple manner, using cheap, readily available household items. I collaborated with him on this project and it was a tremendous success at SciREN Coast 2014. OA Lesson Plan.doc

Travis Courtney, OA extraordinaire
Travis Courtney, OA extraordinaire








Coral Reef Food Webs and Human Impacts

Fellow UNdertheC blogger, Serena Hackerott, and I have collaborated on a lesson plan aimed at middle school students (but adaptable for high school) that teaches food web dynamics, the basics of coral physiology, and how humans can impact the environment. coral food web.doc

Serena and I enjoy eating fried food at the State Fair when we aren't writing lesson plans.
Serena and I enjoy eating fried food at the State Fair when we aren’t writing lesson plans.




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