8/14/2018: Op-ed (co-authored with Dr. Chuck Bangley, Melissa Malkin-Weber, Jen Arnold): “Why sharks are thriving near the NC coast” Raleigh News and Observer

5/24/2018: Letter to the Editor: “Engage Public (on sea-level rise and climate solutions)” Raleigh News and Observer

3/2/2018 Letter to the Editor: “Offshore wind, not oil” Raleigh News and Observer

2/16/2018 Op-ed (co-authored with Dr. Lisa Falk and Dr. Walter Robinson): “What’s going on with the Earth’s climate?” Raleigh News and Observer

1/25/2018 Op-ed (co-authored w/ Doug Nichols): “NC representatives should join bi-partisan effort on climate change” Raleigh News and Observer

1/20/2018 Letter to the Editor: “America needs a carbon fee and dividend program” “America needs a carbon fee and dividend program” Raleigh News and Observer

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