Successful Grants

In an effort to help others succeed in writing and receiving grants, I post all of my successful grant applications on this page.

Department of Defense National Defense Science and Engineering Grant (NDSEG):


NDSEG website.

NDSEG Application -CB (accepted as a fellow in 2014).


The Rufford Foundation:

RF logo


Rufford awards small grants for conservation related research in developing countries. They have 5 levels of funding starting with about $5000 (US) for a pilot study and culminating in a 5th grant worth ~ $20000. You can get 1 grant, all 4, or any number in between. Grants are award sequentially (you can’t get the bigger ones until you have gotten the smaller ones). The Rufford Foundation has reported a 33% success rate for applicants for the first small grant. They prefer to work with applicants to award funding rather than just filtering out applications that are not perfect. This is an excellent funding opportunity.

Below you will find my successful applications:

1st Small Grant (2014)

2nd Small Grant (2015)

Booster Grant (2016)

2nd Booster Grant (2018)








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